A Guide to the Different Types of Forklift Attachments Available

Forklift trucks are used throughout the world and are a key part of many businesses from a wide range of industries. They are used primarily to move heavy pieces of equipment, stock or produce from one place to another. The quality of forklifts varies and different types suit different applications. You’ll be surprised what exactly they can actually lift. If a business is completely reliant on them then it’s essential that the forklift truck is looked after and maintained regularly.

Sometimes forklift attachments are required to lift a particular type of equipment or to gain access to an area which is high up off the ground. An access platform is perfect for lifting a person using the forklift truck and can usually hold up to two people. Access platforms are used frequently in warehouses to undertake stock taking and ensures the operator is safe at all times as many forklift platforms have an automatic gate locking mechanism.

Other forklift attachments include Jibs which come in a few different formats. A fork mounted jib will attach to the end of a forklift and are ideal for lifting products which do not need to be palletised. A cross mounted jib on the other hand provides support to the load by the truck length. Perfect for wide products, which need to be transported safely.

Yet another popular forklift attachment is a drum grab which like the name implies are used to move drums and cylinders. Drum grabs or drum handlers, as they are sometimes referred to can handle single and dual loads. Entry level models are built for low volume movements and are ideal for lifting steel drums which have high mass to volume of contents. A good example would be metals and powders.

Forklift booms are often used to move products like carpets. The long steel pole attaches to the forklift truck and allowing the carpet to be moved with considerable ease. Booms vary in quality and as with any forklift attachment the higher the quality the more likely it is to last longer. Forklift booms are also used to carry coils around factories and are often used to lift through cardboard and steel.

Finally, fork extensions are popular attachments and are used to lift stock or products which don’t fit on standard forks. Forklift extensions tend to be heavy duty and do very in size depending on what it is that’s being lifted. If the forklift truck has a long drop before the carriage then a fork extension with a closed based is ideal as it will prevent the extension from rising when the load is applied to the end.

Nothing Like Those Neon Signs

There is nothing like neon signs to light up the night and add ambiance to your business’s visual appeal. Whether it’s an internet cafe or a hot night spot, neon signs put your signage into a new dimension. Your business is no longer commonplace when you employ neon to add a glitzy element that is hard to tangibly describe, but that draws people in with its warmth and appeal.

Large or small, even a tiny cup of coffee or handwritten script will add a dose of pizzazz and WOW to your cool little hangout. When a person sees neon signs, they automatically know they have come to the right spot.

Very Economical

What’s amazing about neon is that it is relatively economical to run. Using less energy than you might imagine, neon signs are economical and will keep your electricity bill lower than other types of lighted signs might. In addition to being less costly to use than fluorescent electric signs, for instance, neon signs will also look better.

Valuable for Business

Neon has graced businesses since the 1920′s and before. In the past, huge neon signs hung in front of businesses, especially night clubs and casinos, like an over-bejeweled lady, and in cities like Las Vegas, some of the most gaudy neon signs were built, lighting up the night and inviting gamblers and pleasure seekers with their promise of fun and good times.

Now, more often, neon adds accent to store windows like icing on the cake in a window display. The neon “OPEN” sign or another modest display is often more than enough to catch the viewer’s attention, who would otherwise hardly notice the shop at all. Most things blend in, so neon provides something like a visual wakeup call to a sleepy shopper that might not otherwise have noticed your place of business.

Popular in the US and International

Neon signs are more popular than ever before because they have found their niche in American and international advertising. Instead of overwhelming your customers, neon adds a welcomingly warming touch. Your company name will look great in lights when presented in a discreet way. In tune with the spirit of the times, neon signs state their message and pump up the volume to a point of adding class to your business sign or logo.

If you operate a sports store, a tennis shoe neon sign might be appropriate as a window or wall accent. A sporting goods store might have a neon fishing pole, basketball or football logo in the window so that shoppers know they have come to the right place. A picture can be worth a thousand words.

The Sign’s Value

What could be clearer than a computer or a book design in the window of your cafe? What makes more sense than a red and blue neon OPEN sign to let customers know that you are happy to have them? Nothing might be more unwelcoming than a shop or boutique with dimly lit lights that looks, from the outside, like it’s not even open!

Customers may not even bother to check to see if the shop may be already closed with no sign in the window – they simply assume it is closed. The Open signs clear up the matter immediately, letting potential customers know that your store is open for business.

Neon is relatively simple to maintain, although the transformers do need replace periodically. Except for some occasional cleaning and dusting, your neon signs are bound to last as long as your shop will! Let the mutually beneficial relationship between your shop and your neon begin. Imagine a cake without frosting. Imagine a successful boutique without colorfully lit up touches of neon. Doesn’t work, does it?

In Conclusion

Use neon accents and signs for your restaurant, boutique, clothing shop, internet cafe, or coffee shop. The message is simple – we are in business – and you are welcome to enjoy our store. When you don’t have neon signs to reinforce this message guests may walk by wondering whether you are open for business or not.